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Customer Survey

Thank you for choosing Annie M's Cafe!
We truly appreciate your patronage. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we strive to enhance your dining experience.
Kindly take a few minutes to share your thoughts with us.

Demographic Information:

Location & Commute:

Your Dining Preferences:

Dining Experience:

Do you prefer ordering food online or dining in?
If you had the option, would you have your take-out order deivered, for a small fee, or drive to the restaurant and pick it up?
How important are family-friendly menu options and dining atmospheres when choosing a restaurant
How satisfied are you with our current menu offerings?
How would you rate our service and staff?

Social Media Engagement:

Lunch Preferences:

Would you be more inclined to dine at a restaurant that emphasizes locally sourced and sustainable ingredients?

Dietary Trends:

How likely are you to visit a restaurant that offers customizable menu options to accommodate specific dietary preferences?
Not likelyI would prefer to have optionsIt's not a "deal breaker"LikelyHighly likely

Additional Comments:

Thank you for your time and feedback!

We appreciate your input in making Annie M's Cafe a better dining destination.

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